Dental Hygeine therapy

Hygiene Therapy

After a thorough examination of your gums, we will prescribe a course of hygiene treatments. Early signs of gum problems may be bleeding gums after brushing and if this persists, you may notice bad breath and loosening teeth.

Gum disease is the biggest cause for adult tooth loss and it also affects your general health by increasing your risk of heart attacks and strokes. In pregnant ladies, it may result in low birth weight of their baby.

We will give you a complete assessment and prescribe the best hygiene treatment for you along with demonstrating the most effective ways of cleaning your teeth to prevent future problems.

Hygiene Therapy Treatment


 A full examination of your teeth and gums will allow our team to determine the best course of action with regards to improving your oral hygiene.


 Our dental care team will provide you with helpful information and also demonstrate the best way to prevent future issues or problems.


 We usually follow up with all of our patients between 6-12 months in order to make sure that our prescribed course of action is taking effect.

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