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Teeth Whitening

Truss Dental offers only the most professional and safe teeth whitening packages to our clients so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are experienced professionals striving to make your smile as beautiful as it can be.

We have a number of packages available to suit different situations, and we always speak to you about what package would best suit your situation so you can read more about them on this page or just get in touch and book time to speak to us direct.

Whitening Packages

Platinum Teeth Whitening Package

Enlighten Evolution Whitening guaranteed Vita shade B1 for every patient and a long lasting whitening result with low sensitivity. Custom made whitening trays are worn overnight for 2 weeks and a final 60 minute in chair whitening session is completed by your dentist.

Gold Teeth Whitening Package

LED light assisted in-surgery whitening for a whiter smile in just 45 minutes.
Our Gold package also includes a luxury boutique take home whitening kit and personal customised whitening trays.

Silver Teeth Whitening Package

The Silver teeth whitening package gives you a luxury Boutique take-home teeth whitening gels, 4 x 3ml for day or night time use and personal custom fit whitening trays.

Bronze Teeth Whitening Package

LED light assisted teeth whitening completed in the surgery; you can opt for two types of package
• The Express Session – A 15 minute single teeth whitening session can be added to your Hygiene or Examination visit to boost you teeth brightness between appointments.
• The Intense Session – A 45min whitening session includes 3 whitening cycles to be completed during your appointment.

Our teeth whitening options are

Pain Free


Cost Effective

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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most common questions regarding teeth whitening treatment

Do all the systems deliver the same level teeth brightness after treatment?

No, everyones teeth are different so treatments may react different between person to person. Our Bronze package may only whiten your teeth a few shades or more and can therefore whiten at different rates and levels of brightness. Factors such as age, tooth wear, tetracycline staining and smoking to name a few may affect the outcome. Your dentist will advise you of potential factors during your pre-whitening assessment.

Our platinum whitening package, Enlighten Evolution Whitening can lighten up to 16 shades brighter.
Always follow your dentist instructions and complete the course for the maximum whitening results.

Will my fillings, crowns or veneers change colour?

No, sometimes we may have to change some of these after teeth whitening. Please ask your dentist for further details which can be included in the treatments.

Will my teeth be sensitive?

It’s normal to experience temporary increase in teeth sensitivity during and for a short period following whitening.
This sensitivity can be reduced by using a sensitive toothpaste prior to commencing your whitening treatment.
Our platinum system Enlighten Evolution Whitening has a pre-treatment tooth serum (special toothpaste) to use prior to whitening, whilst our lab produce your personal whitening trays and your dentist will give you a pack of easy to use home desensitising swabs. This system is the best for patients with sensitive teeth.

How long with the whitening effect last?

The results can last indefinitely depending on the system used and your dietary habits. If you smoke, drink lots of tea or coffee the whitening effect will deplete faster over time.
To maximise your whitening results we recommend some very simple maintenance by using your tray and gel one day/night every other month. We also recommend the use of an electric toothbrush. Top up whitening gels are available from reception.

Can I spread the cost of my whitening treatment?

Nine months interest free credit is available through our preferred partner Braemar Finance on our Platinum and Gold whitening packages.
Further information is available from our practice manager. The user-friendly online application can be completed in the privacy of your own home at a time that is convenient to you. The application only takes a few minutes and the decision is received in seconds.

How long does the whitening treatment take?

For our Bronze Whitening package the results can be seen on completion of the 15 – 45 minute treatment.
All other packages normally take from 2 – 4 weeks depending on the frequency of use.

Is the teeth whitening treatment safe?

Yes, the active product has been used for around 100 years. Please ask your dentist for further information.

Do I need to have a mould taken of my teeth?

Great news! No more runny impressions or moulds required! With our Intra Oral Scanner we can take a video of your teeth which gives us a 3D model. This model is then 3D printed by our lab and used to construct your personal ultra-tight sealing whitening trays. No impression or scan is required for our Bronze Package.

Affordable Payment Plans

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